Decoration works

The company designs and implements all decoration works for administrative headquarters, companies, banks, hotels and shops
We are specialists and aware of all needs to provide comfort to managers, employees and all employees
And making the workplace an excellent environment for more work and production.
Our services are specially designed to meet the needs of customers and large companies
Premium quality services for a clean facility, Healthy and attractive.

The company does the following:

Providing interior and exterior designs.
Supply and installation works for marble and granite (walls and floors).
Ceramic, porcelain, HDF, all wooden floors treated against friction, rugs.
High quality integrated paint works, external or internal.
Insulating cladding works for sound and heat.
Supply and installation of regular, moisture-resistant and sound-insulated gypsum suspended ceilings.
Supply and installation (all air conditioning systems – plumbing – wood industries).
Providing landscape designs.
Design and manufacture of furniture and kitchens with high quality.
Design, supply and installation of all (electricity networks, emergency networks
And alarm networks, cameras, television networks, the Internet, the central – the internal phone,
The visible and invisible intercom.
Automatic moving garage doors.
UPS system to work when the power is cut off.