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10 years of experience

-Perfect Management & Integrated Projects managed in a short time to gain and retain customers’ trust and recommendation which led to the addition of more services such as sanitation, buffet, and hosting services that were requested by our customers.
– Perfect Management & Integrated Projects believes in partnering with our clients in success and always aims to exceed expectations in terms of quality, environmental care, health, and safety in the workplace.

Our vision

In Perfect Management & Integrated Projects, The Foundation was based on a vision from our Chairman and CEO that states that “worksites and homes should always be clean, tidy and healthy areas to live and work in to help them develop, And all people deserve the best quality and affordable service.”

Our mission

– In providing our services with the highest quality in the market through our best looking professional staff who are highly trained in using the best environmentally friendly tools, materials and equipment.
In auditing and measuring performance efficiently to overcome any operational deficiencies within a time frame acceptable to our partners.

Our history

Perfect Management & Integrated Projects was established in 2013 by Mr. Islam Shaaban Hussein as a joint stock company to provide the growing Egyptian market with high quality professional services needed for housekeeping and landscaping
and pest control.